Can Canada use trash to extend its territory?

September 27, 2009 2:40pm CST
When I used to live in Manila in the Philippines, parts of the Roxas Boulevard area have been reclaimed from Manila Bay by using garbage taken from the landfills. Canada is having problems negotiating with landfills in the United States. It seems that nobody likes to take Canada's trash anymore, even if the Canadian government pays good money for it. But why doesn't Canada use trash to extend its land mass. Of course, Canada is already the second biggest country in the world (Russia is the biggest) in terms of land mass, but everybody could use more land. Besides, Canada can show the way towards a recycling future by making use of the dreaded trash heap. In the hit TV cartoon show Fragglerock, the Fraggles go to the trash heap for guidance when they're confused or depressed. Maybe trash heaps can hold the key towards arresting rising ocean levels worldwide brought about by global warming! Besides, if a tiny country like the Philippines has done it before, why can't Canada do it, too?
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@burrito88 (2779)
• United States
29 Sep 09
Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Why would it need more land mass. I can the the United States refusing to take Canada's trash. We have enough trouble with our own. If Canada needs to put trash somewhere, why not put it in some of the asbestos mines that are there. Also, own the road, they could use sites being mined for shale oil as land fills since those open large pits in the ground.
@snam23 (3161)
• United States
27 Sep 09
Canada is very far up north and using trash to extend its territories might not be the best idea, but it is always up for consideration. It would make sense for a tiny island country like the Philippines with a large population, but it is not really necessary for Canada. I'm still wondering what affect the trash heap would have on the water and the environment around it, especially near the North Pole where global warming is already destroying habitats of animals.