I am still afraid of the dark, but I cannot sleep with a light

United States
September 28, 2009 1:57am CST
I am afraid of the dark. I try to sleep with a light or the tv on, but I get distracted by the light and cannot sleep. I know this sounds unusual, but the is how my night is. I have some nights where I just cannot sleep because of this. Tonight is one. Does anyone know anyway to help me? Thanks
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• United Arab Emirates
28 Sep 09
i like darkness. i like walking in darkness. when night come and i went to the trees and think about my life and my relation and my jobs every thing. i feel very comfortable in some afraid and i feel braveness my confidence improve from darkness. i love darkness and loneliness i never afraid from this beautiful nature. and without switch off light in my room i cant sleep.
@med889 (5958)
28 Sep 09
I also have this phobia and I cannot sleep in the complete darkness however there are times when I cannot sleep in the light to, I need only a dim light far away which will still show me around the room that's all. Usually I switch on my Mp4 and let it play with no sound then there is a dim light in the room so I can sleep with that. And sometimes my neighbor's light their terrace where I can get the light too and sleep peacefully.
@buping (954)
• China
28 Sep 09
hi, i am also afraid of the dark, and i always think that someone is calling me in the dark, that makes me hard to go to sleep. most people can not be in asleep with the lights on, neither do i. so here i give you a suggestion that you can read a book when you can not go to asleep, even the book you do not like. it really helps me, i hope it also helps you .