do u like yourself in the way you are or want to change something about yourself

September 28, 2009 5:29am CST
i feel i am good in watever way i am...i dont want to change anything about me...but if there is something bad in me i will surely want to change it ....what about you???
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@agent807 (721)
• United States
22 Oct 09
The only thing that I would like to get rid rid of is the depression. I didn't know it was that hard to eliminate, but I can probably handle it better once I get back into my hobby. Other than that, I love myself, mostly because I'm not normal. I'm bigger than a lot of people, I weigh way over 300 pounds (340 to be exact) at 59", I have a body frame full of muscle, my appetite is so big that I just bought a second refrigerator for my apartment, and I have gotten addicted to moving heavy stuff. On top of all of this, I am still growing. I usually don't pay attention to people's comments but I have because people say the weirdest things. People think I am a football player, and believe I could crush one, and noticed that I am still growing. When I am growing, clothes don't like to fit, it is hard to get in my car, and I am constantly eating. The stranger the comments, the better I feel because it feels I am doing something right if it drawing attention. My family now thinks it is cheaper to feed horses than me, which to me, is an accomplishment.
• Nigeria
2 Oct 09
put yourself in other peoples shoe and you'll be surprise at your findings. i personally don't know any body that is 100% o.k everyone wants some form of change or another depending on the individual...........some in terms of their habit, some their income, some their friends, many their jobs, .......................i thing the only thing that is static is change itself.
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
i guess i don't need to change something about myself as this is me already since when i was a kid. if i change something im sure no one can recognise me even about my attitude. i'm not that bad and i guess being bad is being part of once life as long as we don't hurt anyone or step to anyone. all in all, i dont have problem with my friends and family though there's only one thing. being spoiled.. as they told me that i am too spoiled but then, i love to be spoiled so i dont want to change it hahaha
29 Sep 09
I am happy with me...except..having four children, the weight seems to stick. I used to be slimmer, and could eat anything, but now, i have to limit my food, to certain things, or the weight gathers around my stomach area..and i HATE it. I want to change back, to what i was before..i could eat anything, and stay slender :(
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
28 Sep 09
I am perfect for myself and dont want to change any thing about myself. I am happy with my looks and my nature too. But one thing which I hate about myself is that when ever a guest comes to my home ,I run away and hide from them rather meeting and talking to them. I want to change this habit of mine. One more thing I want to change in me is that I eat my nails and i want long nails.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
28 Sep 09
Nobody I know hate themselves. I like the way I used to be but if there is one thing that change me, it is being emotional. I was too sensitive in many things especially when my feelings comes. I was very touched when somebody left me like friends, love and those people who touched my life. I am friendly.
• Philippines
28 Sep 09
Hmmm. are you talking about the physical aspect or the "me" in general? Anyway, I think physically, what I want to change is my hips.. I need a little more than what I have right now. lol. But in terms of "me" in general, I think I would want to stop being lazy.. sometimes, I just hate myself, cause I'm too lazy.. I keep telling myself to do something, but I won't do it anyway. And I want to be more pro active.. I like planning and stuff.. but that's where it ends.. in plans.. lol. I have a lot of plans in my life, but honestly, I don't know where to start.. well, maybe someday, i would just wake up and tell myself that this is the day that I have to change.. and there's no turning back!
• Boston, Massachusetts
28 Sep 09
hi naaz1021, i love myself the way i am and there's nothing that i want to change-- i appreciate my total being and i am always aiming for execellence. ummmmm... physically????? to lose some weight and that's it!
@delkar (1716)
• Romania
28 Sep 09
I really wanna change something at my body , to make it look better . that`s all . i don`t want to change too much , but something there it`s not so good . After that i`ll be 100% happy with myself . As about myself , inside of me, i don`t wanna change anything . I`m happy with my current behaviour . If someone don`t like me as i am , it`s their problem .
@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
28 Sep 09
Hi,naaz,i want to change in 2 issues.One is smoking and another is "can't say No"to others.i am trying to avoid/stop these two habits since 19 years,but i couldnot.Otherwise i am o.k.and i got feed back from friends and society.Have a nice time.