What does "winning in Afghanistan" look like to you?

United States
September 28, 2009 6:25pm CST
Thousands have died, billions have been spent, the leader we originally put into office may/may not have won his election outright... what would winning in Afghanistan look like to you? Pullout and stop the loss of blood and treasure? A surge to get the terrorists out of their lair? Hold the elections over? New military bases? Your call, folks... good luck.
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@Taskr36 (13923)
• United States
29 Sep 09
We never should have had any goal of "winning in Afghanistan." That was a HUGE mistake to even try. The country is a $h1thole for lack of a better word. Anyone can conquer a garbage nation like that. You could just bomb them from the air. The dumbest thing ever done was this nation building crap. The country is worthless. There's nothing to "re"build because there was nothing of value that the Taliban didn't already destroy themselves unless you count the poppy fields. Our goal was supposed to be to get bin Laden. Most intelligence sources don't even think he's there anymore and that he's hiding out in Pakistan. Instead of nation building they should have just combed the place for him. We certainly couldn't have lost MORE lives than we already have, but instead we got distracted by some pathetic belief in a "duty" to rebuild a nation we conquer so we ended up with a few warlords and a powerless pud like Karzai in charge.
@sunny68 (1327)
• India
29 Sep 09
i don't think there would be anything as winning in Afghanistan. it would be more like a compromise solution where at best the US can train local military and gradually hand over control to them. the Soviet experience was not a good one and the Americans are not in for a better one. they certainly have underestimated the situation and now find it difficult to get out. it might be a long way to peace in the region.