I have a problem.. in the bathroom..while travelling. Help?!

@maezee (32570)
United States
September 28, 2009 10:49pm CST
This is probably the weirdest discussion you'll read today. Maybe not. We'll see. But here it goes: whenever I go on vacation, I can NEVER go to "the bathroom" in a hotel bathroom, public bathroom, or ANY bathroom other than my own, in my own home. And by bathroom, of course I mean #2. Peeing is a nonissue for me. . I physically CAN'T; there's something weird about GOING in a bathroom that's not my own. And so I spend the whole weekend being uncomfortable. Besides downing a bunch of laxatives, what are some ideas you have to trick my body/mind into going to the bathroom? And does anyone else have this quite major "problem"? I'm trying to plan a trip to Hawaii (for a week) pretty soon here and I'd like to have this whole thing resolved by then. What do you think?
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@jesssp (2742)
• Canada
29 Sep 09
I also dislike going #2 anywhere but home. The only advice I can give is to try and make it so you're alone in your hotel room, tell everyone you'll be down in a minute or whatever, and just try to relax and let nature take it's course! Being alone in your hotel room bathroom with the doors securely locked might not be as traumatic as a gas station bathroom or something equally as gross!
@ibuemma (2954)
• United States
29 Sep 09
it happen to me everytime I travel. Especially if I travel with the airplane, suddenly I got this constipation so bad. I wonder if the height has anything to do with it.
29 Sep 09
hehe. It happens to me also, but only when I am on a different house. Well, maybe it is pyschological. Maybe, It is all in your mind. You should probably thinbk positive instead of thinking the other way around.