Single at 50. - a Realization

@laydee (12814)
September 30, 2009 1:36am CST
My aunt is single and sick at the hospital right now. We (the nieces and nephews) have gone through shifts in order to help out watching over her. Some bought supplies for her, some bought medicines. It was teamwork. But, while in this predicament. I really realized something. Yes, you could be happy being single. But it truly takes a lot of toll on you when you're sick. I can't imagine her spending her days in the hospital and not having someone to watch over her. You see, yes, she got us, but there's really a difference when you have children or a husband who could whole-heartedly care for you, don't you think? I think she's just fortunate to have many brothers and sisters who love her (regardless her sometimes a-bit 'off' attitude). What do you think of this predicament? Do you think you could go through life being single?
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@moment (60)
• China
30 Sep 09
My uncle has the same situation as your aunt. I realize his loneliness. He has wife ,but no child. No child meant no duty for him tomorrow,while it means no dependence today.
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
i guess its not a good idea to be single forever unless you have kids already. its still nice to be old with someone or with your partner. Im on my 30's and yet im still single though i have boyfriend but then i still cant say until i got married and be with him.