An innocent face

September 30, 2009 10:52am CST
Do you think that you can tell anything about a person from what they look like? (apart from possible their ethnic origin) Do you think you can tell if they are innocent, guilty, nice, nasty? Someone told me the other day that I look innocent and in the same week I was told that I didn't "look gay" that one half annoyed me and half amused me! Do you think you can actually tell anything about a person from their appearance?
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@rusty2rusty (6765)
• Defiance, Ohio
30 Sep 09
Sometimes appearances do give away some minor details about a person. But to look at someone and say they are innocent or guitly of something just has never proven to be accurate. That is just a lucky guess. Also depending on how smeone dress or acts they can act or dress gay or they can be gay and act like a straight person. I think in today society you really never know til you ask or someone mentions they are. You can assume things, but that can get you in to trouble in the long run.
30 Sep 09
It certainly can!
@ally12 (1204)
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
sometimes looks can be deceiving.and we really cant tell whats inside of a person.some people are good in making a disguise but one way i think that we can tell what is behind that skin deep is on their attitude to every can read a person thru his own actions and words and not by his cover
30 Sep 09
well said.