whats the funniest thing your cats done?

@Swadey (220)
October 1, 2009 4:21pm CST
What is the funniest thing your cat has done? my cat has done some many funny things that i have lost count. but i remember about a week and she tryed to jump into a closed window it was so funny. another funy thing is when my cat tried to try on my broths shoe and her claw got stuck and was walking around the house with his shoe on it was so funny. So what about you are there any funny things your cats have done. Happy Mylotting!
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• India
8 Oct 09
The funniest thing my cat does is rub her nose when you rub some butter on the nose.My cat always chooses a very cosy place to sleep.
2 Oct 09
You know with 4 cats and 2 kids I keep saying I'm going to write a book one day about all the funny little stories they get up to between them! However one of my favourite stories is about my cat maverick, he loves his food and so the easiest way to get a worming tablet down him is to leave 3 pieces of chicken on the side then he's so excited he licks up the tablet and swallows without even realising! Well one day, he not only licked up the worming tablet but also the birth control tablet I'd left by the kettle to remind me to take after worming the cats! I panicked and rang the vets and all the giggling vet on the other end said was "well at least you wont be having kittens this month" I keep all tablets out of reach now though xxx
• Pakistan
2 Oct 09
Cats are really loveable creatures I like them the most I own a pet cat but he is very innocent I donot remember any mischief which she has done. Although she sits all in the house but she is cute and Loveable I like yo Sweetie(My cat)
@anne25penn (3310)
• Philippines
2 Oct 09
My three month old kitten Tornado loves to do naughty things. I do my laundry by hand and when I finish I would prop the basin by the wall so that it will dry. Two days ago I did my laundry near nightfall and propped the basin by the wall. By then my cats have been fed. I went inside the house and ate dinner and did the things that I normally do at night. After about two hours, I went outside to lock the gates. My other cat Purr came shooting out of nowhere, so I did not mind him. He was pawing the basin that is now turned upside down. I have a guess as to what is in the basin because it has happened before, so I took my time. I removed the basin and there was Tornado, and what's more funny is that he was already sleeping inside the basin! I had to scoop him up and bring him to his blankets .
@ElicBxn (60894)
• United States
1 Oct 09
The former roomie and I lived for 4 years in an apartment that had only one window. So, after a year or so, I actually hung a curtain in the bedroom where a window SHOULD'VE been. Now, my first cat, Sab, was very smart, but one day she was chasing around the apartment with another cat and she tried to jump into the non-existent window... I can still see her sliding down the wall, nails out, like "oops, no window"... Funny enough she did it once, but she did it TWICE! Now Scamp, one of my current cats, has "jumpus-interuptus" where he starts to jump onto a counter and then decides in mid-jump not to and pushes himself back and goes back on the floor - silly cat.