Is ReviewStream losing money? Has anyone noticed a increase in rejected reviews?

United States
October 2, 2009 1:02pm CST
I've been writing on ReviewStream since the start of this year, I have been paid twice by them so far. I am about 25 reviews away from my 3rd payment. I usually go for the bulk rate of 40 cents because its easier to get paid that way by them, mind you. However as of the recent past few weeks or so I've been noticing that pending reviews is now taking much longer than usual, and that reviews are getting rejected much more often as well. It's strange. I submitted a review of Sorority Row - not interested, several other movies - not interested, and all 8 of Beyonce's latest music videos - all of them were paid for except for 4 of them. Now what kinda nonsense is that? I don't know about everyone else but for me this is pretty unusual, I have been paid twice by them so far meaning I have wrote 250 reviews (most of them accepted at bulk rate) with no prob whatsoever. I checked their stats on website outlook and here's what I find: Networth: $143,605.60 Daily Page views: 64,908 Daily Ads Revenue: $196.72 Look at their daily page views, let's say for argument's sake that they have 65,000 reviewers total, fair? Say they pay 64,000 the bulk rate no matter what $0.40. Say they only pay the full rate $2.00 to only 10,000 out of 65,000 (even though the real number of people getting paid the full rate is probably even way less than that). That's $45,600 total they're paying out. If you deduct that from their current their annual ads revenue: $196.72 daily revenue x 365 days = $71,802.80. Take away what they pay us, they're left with circa $25,000. Their website looks like cheap design so lets say upkeep is around $200-$250 a year, thats domain registration + hosting. The problem is not knowing what their employees are getting paid and how many there are, if there's at least 5 of them and are getting paid $10,000-$20,000 a year each even, that's bad news for us reviewers and them as well. Now is there anything I'm missing here from this equation? I'm beginning to lose faith in writing for ReviewStream.
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@cutepenguin (6457)
• Canada
2 Oct 09
I think they may have changed who they are getting to choose the reviews, and that might be why more are being rejected. That's my theory, anyway. I've been paid about 5 times by them and haven't really noticed any problems. Then again, I haven't tried to review any music videos or movies.