Do you fancy exotic foods? or find them revolting.

@manong05 (5029)
October 3, 2009 10:27pm CST
not very far from where I live is a restaurant that specializes in exotic food. Amazingly it is always full, and the food is not that cheap either. Maybe some are there to try, out of curiousity but I know people who really love exotic foods. Do you?
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@maezee (35338)
• United States
4 Oct 09
We have similar restaurants in my area. They're expensive, and I've been to a few of them - you usually get a very small, artistic-looking plate of some "exotic", rare type of food.. Sometimes it tastes good, and sometimes it doesn't, but it's most certainly always EXPENSIVE. I would much rather pay a lot less and get a lot more for it (even if it's not "artistic" and a small portion - heck! I'd rather have it be wholesome and filling) - although sometimes the atmosphere at these places are much nicer than at low-end restaurants like Perkins and Denny's. I'm sure at a lot of these nice restaurants, where you can try the exotic foods - it's more for special occasions than anything - and a dressier, more professional environment. There's an oocasion for a fancy restaurant, just as there's an occasion for a low-end, casual restaurant. As far as food-wise, I've tried a few exotic foods, but there are some that I won't touch. Anything made with meat or anything I'm unfamiliar with, I'll stay away from. Usually when I go to nicer restaurants I stick with a salad (for price's sake) or I do something that I know won't be regretted later on: get a pasta dish. I never try any of that caviar, calamari, es cargo, and that kind of stuff. It definitely grosses me out!
@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
It appears to me that you have an extra ordinary discipline in terms of what foods to eat and what are not. I think this is good. Eating out especially in exotic restaurants, we don't actually get our money's worth. It is purely fun (if you can call this fun) with friends. Yes looks can be deceiving, some chefs are good in artistic preparations that make people go and have a try. Caviar, for me is out of the question. I was told that it costs a fortune. That to me is a waste of money. Have fun.