why me, why me

October 5, 2009 2:12am CST
it is so sad for me, that each and every time i have to face lose, or disappointed. why me, why me
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• Philippines
12 Apr 10
Most of the time when you encountered disappountment or failures in life you cannot avoid to ask,"why you?" especially when you have done the right thing and you are fair to all.As a piece of advice for you not to feel pity to your self you have to see good things that happened to your life. Maybe God is just testing you on how strong you are. Just do what is right and good because time will come that He will be rewarded you more than what you expected.
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
It is really a normal question for people who is disappointed for what happened to them. I also asked myself many times "why me?" every time I am in hot seat or in a difficult situation. As I we grow we do not always realize that our best teacher is our failure and disappointment. This is the time that we are getting stronger and wiser once we fail. We should learn from it so that we will be able to find solution to not make it happen again. If you feel like it is always happening to you and always you, ask yourself "what is wrong?" Did I do something to prevent it from happening? If you did your best but still the same always try, do not stop until you achieved it, take it as a challenge to your life that you must finish in order to succeed. Always find ways to solve your problems. There is always a right solution to a problem just keep on trying because you will not be given a problem if you cannot solve it. The right answer is within you just look for it.
• Antigua And Barbuda
11 Oct 09
None of us is beyond facing problems in our everyday lives. You did not state the nature of the problem or problems but I know this to be true because I am living proof. Jesus promised a peace that passeth all understanding. It is for real. It is bigger than all your problems. I speak from experience. Give Him a try. Man will forever disappoint you and fail you. Jesus(God) never fails.
@Tom728 (176)
• United States
11 Oct 09
Details my friend more details. We all feel like that. Finding what is possible sometimes is more important than finding the impossible.
@vandana7 (67682)
• India
11 Oct 09
Hi amitrgupta, I used to think like that before I came to mylot. I came to know so many people out here, who are facing much tougher life than me. I realized I was not that unfortunate after all. It is just a question of looking at other people's pain and understanding that may be it is bigger than what we are going thru right now. U know something, ur pain may seem big to u at the moment, but as time passes, things will improve and believe me they always do. When u come to ur share of better times, u can recall these sad moments with a sense of - well I got over them and didnt succumb - kind of thing. Having said that, I will pray for u and hope things improve for u. Take care. :)
@Suiying (29)
• China
11 Oct 09
the world makes everyone sad cause it disappoints everyone. So i tell you one way to reduce sadness.When I'm unhappy, I will go to sleep or treat myself.Then tell myself that I must overcome these difficulties, and I'm not scared.cause these difficulties and pains make me grow. Do not complain anyone, especialy yourself,and wish you be stronger.
• United States
5 Oct 09
Well, since I don't really know you that is a difficult question for me to answer. What exactly are you having problems with? What is your situation? What measures have you taken to correct or avoid the problem? If you include more details in your discussion, then it would be a lot more helpful to those of us that might be able to offer suggestions or ideas.