ClixSense Going Bad?

United States
October 5, 2009 3:53pm CST
ClixSense has been a reliable payor for years. But recently there has been a little controversy surrounding their business practices. It all started a few days ago when William Jackson, the owner Clicksia and Incentria was allegedly banned from ClixSense and his account deleted. This occurred soon after Mr. Jackson referred nearly 4,000 members to ClixSense in an effort to capitalize on their upgrade policy which rewards active promoters. Each referred member would gain 10c for their upline, but only if their upline was an upgraded member. Or at least that was the case until the fiasco of Mr. Jackson's banning occurred. They then changed their policy to reword active promoters with a measly 1c per referral. It's also been reported that ClixSense has not given a reason for banning Mr. Jackson and that they have been unresponsive to inquiries regarding his account. This doesn't look good for them. But it wouldn't be the 1st controversy they have been involved in. The owner of ClixSense is a guy by the name of Steve Girsky. Mr. Girsky happens to also be one of the original founders of StormPay. Back in 2006, Stormpay was involved in a huge scandal caused by their refusal to pay requested earnings to their members. To date, these members still have not been paid.