Adware and Spyware

United States
October 5, 2009 6:17pm CST
Over this past weekend I got an email about a computer virus, warning to be careful and not to open certain emails. I checked and found that although the email was not false, it was one that MIcrosoft, and all of the anti-virus applications had taken care of years ago. Also this weekend, my son called to ask about some computer issues, and one was spyware and adware. They developed some viruses on their computer a while ago and made it run slow and eventually die. While looking through my computer today, I found a bunch of articles on Adware and Spyware in a folder. I decided I would take those files and create a web site to help any who needed it so their computer will run safer and more effeiciently. Anti Virus and Anti Adware @ Check it out and hopefully it can help everyone to live a safer life on the internet
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