Did you ever not buy from a business because it is not environmentally friendly?

October 6, 2009 12:38pm CST
We often discuss at work if we should promote our environmental credentials more to our customers. Usually we decide that it is not that important to customers. As long as we don't do anything negative, it won't have an impact on their buying behaviour to us. But did you ever not buy from a business because you had concerns that they weren't environmentally friendly? Or buy specifically from a business, because you think they are?
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@sblossom (2170)
6 Oct 09
It’s really a serious topic. I don’t think I did it before on purpose, but if I do know a company not environmental friendly I think I would do. In last January I watched a program about primark. some reports about it were not positive. For reducing their cost they some things harm to our society so I felt totally dislike the brand. Even it is really cheaper a lot than other brands. It’s the only one case I can think for now. I’m sure if a company is not friendly to our environment it can not survive longer on market. More and more consumers would be against it.
18 Oct 09
I agree. If consumers know about a negative behaviour it might impact on their purchasing decision. But I am not sure if people look for the information on purpose.
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6 Oct 09
I've never not purchased something from a store because of environment issues so much, as other factors. I was in a store last week, purchasing a pair of suede boots, (which would have been a nice $150 purchase for commission to the store employee) when I asked why some pairs of boots were a shade darker or lighter than the othes. The man, ever so casually, responds with "it depends which way the cow is cut". I shot him probably the nastiest look I could have and asked him to repeat that. He again responds with the fact that eat cow is probably slaughtered differently to make my boots. Now I know alot of the shoes I wear are probably made from animal, but the disgusting way he had put the situatio made me so upset I put the boots down and left the store. Needless to say, I will not be returning to that store either.
6 Oct 09
I can understand your reaction. That guy can be happy his supervisor didn't hear him or else he could be without job by now....