Have you ever given money to a food pantry and then wondered what really for?

@pudgles (414)
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October 6, 2009 1:38pm CST
i have lived in this town for almost 5 years now.. i have donated money and other things to the town food pantry and clothes closet.. recently they announced that they have come up with enough money to rebuild and buy new supplies, also thanks to the local school a well known radio station has donated lots of food and money as well.. i have seen the baskets as well as addded to the baskets at the end of the asile at out town grocery store for the pantry.. All this sounds really great, those familes in need must be really happy... OR NOT... Well i recently received a town letter in the mail asksing the members of the community for more money... that they are $100,000 short! how can this be?!?! we have been saving up for years.. just at the beginning of summer they had all the funds they needed and now all of a sudden they need more?? i dont mind giving when i can as long as the money goes to what it is intended for and i have more then enough sources telling me that the money cant be going to food and such... so i started going to the pantry to see if i could get an inside take on it.. for about 7 weeks or so now.. each week its the same thing.. beef stew in a can, canned verggies, outdated boxes of food, outdated just about everything.. fresh fruits and veggies ... more like freshly rotten... one worker offerend me potatoes.. Nice i said thank you he handed me fresh clean crisp potaotes then the women came over and said she was saving those and wanted to get rid of the already opend box on the table.. ok i walked over and looked.. those were the same potatoes she gave away like 2 weeks ago only difference was they were more rotten now then before.. ok ok i understand out with the old before if you can get use might as well, but those werent even going to last being piocked up they are going to fall apart and stink! okay so beggers cant be chosers. but i dont give and give for needy families to be treated like homless... seriously where did all that donated food go? where did all the radio station money go to? why give outdated items when they just received thousands of dollars worth of good food!?!?!?
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@cripfemme (7715)
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6 Oct 09
If something like this happened to a place I donated to, I'd be alarmed too. But it just might be a math error. I don't know about the rotten food. That seems like it would be illegal. Before I gave them another penny, I would have to check them out.