practice active listening

@willy6 (492)
October 8, 2009 8:57pm CST
For one to practice active listening, you should be devided into subgroups of three there will be three roles in each subgroups. speakers, listener, and observer, everyone will take each role one in this practice. According to study the practice session is to give each person the apportunity to learn how to use verbal and nonverbal minimal encouragers and become a better listener, because not all of us is good at listening. In the practice the speaker is to takl about something that is important to you. Your job, your family, a decision or a question. The practice according to study will be more helpful if you talk about something you really care about although role playing is possible you may find yourself in the midst of discussing something important when the allotted time runs out, but one can continue it at a set time.
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• China
12 Oct 09
it's so important for us to be a better listener both in career and daily live. i won't say that i am a bad listener, but not a good one either, some times i feel that i am not patient enough to my friends, my families. it's definitely a skill i need to work no more often. also to be a good listener can help you find more opportunities and chances, what you said about the three roles is interesting, we can practice by taking each role separately, and actually gain more focus to practice.
• India
9 Oct 09
practice listening is more better so that you can become a good speaker...
@thezone (9451)
• Ireland
9 Oct 09
What if one is deaf?
@maezee (33943)
• United States
9 Oct 09
I try to be good at listening but practicing would probably help me pay a little more attention!