Practicum Log #5

United States
October 8, 2009 9:22pm CST
Ok, yesterday was my fifth practicum. I had a feeling the class was going to be bad and they were. It all started when I was asked to read them a story after their greeting exercise. Many of the students didn't want to listen and were very rude. One student, who is often difficult, turned around in her seat and refused to listen. I also blame my mentor teacher, because she picked the story I was going to read. I thought it was too long, I had never read it before. Afterwards, I thought it was boring. So, I can see why they lost interest with it. Then, we had to do the pledge of Allegence. There was no flag in the room, it was the first day it was required, and many of the students didn't know the words or what to do. Some of the students screamed. Next was breakfast and most of the students ate like pigs and got their clothes dirty. One of the boys peed on the toliet seat and I had to put on rubber gloves and clean it. My mentor teacher had prep time, me and the aid did a pupet show for the children. We picked centers. In the middle of grouping the children, there was a fire drill and the children fliped out. They got up and screamed and ran in circles. One boy, C who I always have problems with, ran to the back door and opened it! Him and four other children ran out. I watched the other students as the mentor teacher got them. The mentor and the aid formed two lines and I watched to make sure everyone left and held the door open. So, we walked a block. Stopped and turned around. Some of the students called if a fire grill. lol I askled if that was their first fire drill and the teacher told me they had been through three before this one. So, the five children who did not listen didn't get to play. The others got to play in centers. Two girls made me cards with stickers. Then, it was lunch and they ate like pigs again and got dirty. Then, it was nap time. During nap time, the children use the bathroom. All was well until it was C's time. He took a half hour and I asked what he doing. He said doing a caca. So, I had to take the three remaining students to another classroom to use the bathroom. One student went fast, and the other student took long and the teacher in that room had to help me get her out (she was playing with the sink!) and then the last student went. When we came back, C finally came back. Another student had to go again and the toliet overflowed. C broke the toliet! I wanted to smack him. Then, it was lunch and I got to relax for 45 minutes. I came back and nap time was over. We put the cots away and sang a song. It was nice out. So, the kids played outside for the last half hour. I was tired. I wanted to fall asleep in my night class and I was too tired to go to school today.
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