Who "owns" the internet?

United States
October 8, 2009 9:37pm CST
So, just wanted to know what you guys thought about this. Now, that the internet is getting bigger and bigger, the question stands out: -----------"Who owns the internet?"------------- If no one owns all of it, then who owns most of it?
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@getbrowser (1715)
• China
11 Oct 09
This is really a difficult answer to answer. As the Internet is gettinging bigger and bigger, more and more people tend to pay more attention on it. Yes, most people want to control the Internet in its entirety. But I don' think anyone who own it. That is to say, no one actually owns the Internet and no single person or organization can take the Internet under control. There is a well-known saying that we are all born equal, so, the Internet will belong to us and there is no one body that owns it all.
• United States
11 Oct 09
Who would you say, though, owns more of the internet than anyone else?
@owlwings (40033)
• Cambridge, England
9 Oct 09
The Internet, as it arrives on your PC, is owned by your ISP. Naturally, each of the lines that connect PCs to the Internet must be owned by someone but the information is piped from one place to another by a variety of routes which is always changing. If one provider decided to shut down their servers somewhere, provided that you and the site you wanted to access were still able to connect to the Internet, the connection would simply find another path. The Internet was built on a model which allowed for connections to be made even if a massive act of terrorism took out a large section of it. As a result, nobody owns the Internet as such: different companies own the physical cabling along which the data travels but the Internet itself is not a physical thing - it is really a protocol or a set of protocols and it cannot be 'owned' in the way that a telephone line or a railway line is owned. Here is a map (somewhat incomplete, it seems) of the 'owners' of the Internet in North America: http://advice.cio.com/themes/CIO.com/cache/Internet_map_labels_0.pdf
• China
9 Oct 09
Well, it is a big question. Who owns the internet? I don't think there are anypeople own it, even though the people who discover and develop internet. It seems that people surfing online are share internet. Every computer is one part of internet.