Use mobile phone for surfing net

@shia88 (4582)
October 10, 2009 7:57am CST
Dear MyLotters, How often do you use your mobile phone to surf net? Is it expensive to use this service at your country? For me, I using that service once a while when I am really bored. It is very expensive to use mobile service to online in Malaysia. From my experience, I only surf net for less than five minutes and it costs me few ringgits,it is really not worthy !! I am telling myself that I am not going to spend that kind of money again,i better save my mobile value for SMS/chit chat with my friends and families.
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@JamesKYTan (1607)
• Malaysia
13 Oct 09
Hi, I don't use my hand phone to surf the net. First, I don't how to surf the net with hand phone. I refuse to learn how to surf by using the hand phone. Second, It is expensive. With computer it is free, as you have already paid for the subscription, to use or not to use, it the same; you cannot save by not using neither do you spend more by using.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
14 Oct 09
Hi James, I fully agreed with what you said.For my condition, I only have one laptop at home and during daytime,my husband will bring the laptop to work.So I am not able to online during day time. Sometimes, I realy feel like login to Facebook,so i try to use my mobile to surf the net.It really cost me a bomb.Not worthy to spend this money. At my country Indonesia,it is cheap to online using mobile phone. I really hope Malaysia will have a mobile network that offer the great package for customers to surf net online with cheapest rate.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
11 Dec 10
Hello shia. I have never really used my mobile phone to surf on the Internet because I know it won't be cheap at all. Many of my students use it as it is inconvenient for them. And tonight I just gave it a try on one of my students' mobile phones to find that its speed is fast with a Nokia phone. I had him try it on my phone, but the speed is not that fast. I still like to use my computer for the Internet and it is much cheaper. Take care, shia.