What is the worst thing that you have survived?

October 10, 2009 11:11am CST
what is the worst thing that you have come through and then looked back and said "Wow! How did I ever get through that?" I've survived through abuse, break-ups, illness, and I come frm a divided household. I've survived it! I'm now going through a crisis with setting my priorities straight and getting out of messes up I had gotten into long back. It seems impossible right now, but I am a survivor and I know that this too will pass. what's your story?
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@sid556 (31005)
• United States
13 Oct 09
There was a time when I compared my life to one of those little shakeup snow globes you see at Christmas time. Seemed as tho whenever I thought my life was finally running smoothly something would happen to toss my world upside down. Not just little upsets....life changing upsets. Each time, I'd pick myself up and brush off and start up over vowing to do better. Each time, I thought I could not handle it and then I did. You learn survival skills and you learn your own inner strength by going thru these trials. You learn a lot from the bad times....you really do and more than you realize. Looking back on it all I can see that much of my heartaches could have been prevented. Well NOW I could prevent them but back then, I think I needed to learn from all those times.
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