Am I thinking too much?

@laydee (12813)
October 13, 2009 9:34am CST
Tonight was a smooth night. I talked to my boyfriend online (since we're far apart because he is now working in another country while I'm here at our home country). He started with the conversation by asking me how many pairs of earrings I have. I thought he was asking about earnings. Anyhow after I answered him, he suddenly was asking about gold, white gold, and all the types of jewelries. Well, I'm a girl and now I can't help but think. We're meeting up, he's coming over by the end of the month (hopefully soon!) and we'll be spending time with each other. Now I can' help but think about it. I don't want to burst my bubble when he comes over bringing nothing. But I really detest this feeling of not knowing what's up. Whew! I wish he never asked so that I could just live in peace. Wa! I don't want to expect!
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@Gongfuboy (132)
• China
13 Oct 09
It's a common phenomenon that girls always think about the coming dates time after time, then different versions have whirled through their small brains. In fact, our romance stories have something in common, I and my girlfriend live in different parts of China, for we are now studying in different colleges, so we contact each other by the modern devices such as short messages, emails, or video connection through the Internet. Each time before I go to visit her, I will carefully prepare a wonderful gift, but I never told her the right answer until we meet, so thereafter I will receive zillions of speculations from her, OMG, I shouldn't tell her I will bought her a gift. So, I think it's nothing patent, just some naturally reaction to the forthcoming holiday.
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@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
13 Oct 09
Well, the worst thing is the fact that he hasn't told me he has bought something for me and here I am thinking about what he's giving. Arrrggghhh!