Who is telling the truth and who is lying or not telling us the whole truth?

@bobmnu (8160)
United States
October 15, 2009 1:03am CST
The President tells us on National TV that Abortion will not be covered under the Health Care Plan. Every amendment that was put forth to specifically state that Abortion would not be covered was voted down along party lines. Who is telling the truth? We were told that there are 45 million uninsured people in this country and we need a national health plan to cover them. The Congressional Budget Office tells us that even the most liberal plan would still leave 25 million people with out health insurance. Who do we believe? We were told that this plan would be revenue neutral yet others say it will cost every family close to $1200 more in increased premiums, or medical costs. We were told that the elderly would not be hurt by CBO states that Medicare would be cut. President Obama told us that we would have 5 days to review every bill before he signed it. Now we are told the congress will vote on a concept of the bill with the language to be filled in later. When will we, the American people, get an apology for being mislead? Or will we be the ones apologizing when we vote them out on election day!
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@matersfish (6311)
• United States
15 Oct 09
The whole entire thing is SO misleaading! It's redundant at this point. Forget about the right vs. left misinformation, hyperbole, selective reading, etc -- there's a huge disconnect coming from Obama to the American people (the ones not totally infatuated with the man). A supporter will view this as a knock on Obama, but a level-headed person will understand it as truth because it's what they see. Obama goes on Sunday morning shows, gives prime-time speeches, and constantly tries to rally support for a health care vision, not a specific bill. He uses his one--same may say only--gift to fill our ears up with his roaring, lucid rhetoric. He attempts to play on everyone's emotions, knowing that everyone really does want affordable insurance, and proceeds to paint a beautiful picture. He can't explain how it works because he doesn't know. Nobody knows. He talks, others write. We're not getting the whole truth because this group of politicians doesn't seem to be working together. These are the schmucks that let some third-party write the world's largest spending bill and then made sure to rush it through without anyone reading after adding their little (huge!) add-on earmarks. All people, even the hardcore Obama supporters, should be skeptical about what's truth and what's not, for no other reason than all Obama will be doing is signing the thing! It's not about trusting the president; it's about trusting the rest of these crooks too. We won't get the whole truth out of these politicians. No way. We're being told that healthcare reform needs to happen now, now, now -- oh, but it won't actually take effect until 2013. Meanwhile, they'll work to steal from us for their so-called funding. What number bill are we on again? Michael Moore's 3rd? lol ... Who can keep up!? Who wants to keep up? I heard the latest is the longest yet. It's like they're intentionally trying to tire us all out since the massive rush-through didn't work again. Sickening. I feel bad for the regular citizens who honestly want government to do something huge. These poor saps really trust a government that, by and large, is made up of morons who should either be in jail or ringing up your order at Wendy's.