science versus religion

October 16, 2009 10:29am CST
Some of my frieds often discuss the religion, they believe in its validity. One of them even argue that the Buddhism is the ultimate truth . During their talks I also think about the problem that what will lead us to the complete understood to the universe, the science or the religion? After studying science so many years I believe strongly that science is the answer. But they often argue against me by telling some "mythic" stories(of course they believe in the story completely) or some phenomenon that current scince can not explaine. But indeed I cannot support my points of view with firm evidences. So what's your opinion?
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@JohnJeff (722)
• Malaysia
16 Oct 09
For me science is a tools to understand the universe.Religion is a guide in your live.What you can do,what you cannot do.So no matter how you learn about science you still need religion to make sure your live is better.
@bird123 (10527)
• United States
17 Oct 09
Science is based on proven facts. Religion is based on beliefs. Beliefs are needed to patch the gap when all the facts aren't known. Without beliefs, we would lock up just like my old computer. Let's rely on facts. God is about truth and facts as well. The scientists are walking toward God whether they realize it or not!! For those religious people who fight the truth, they must realize that all of man's beliefs will never be true.
@mohan89 (242)
• India
16 Oct 09
Hi songbaofang. What i think every time is religion is a mystery which contains very good stories and science is a solution to those mysteries to be found out. I still support religions, Still lot of work has to be done in science.