Lonely plants

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October 16, 2009 10:37am CST
Do plants feel loneliness? I guess they are Some believe that lonely plants grow slower and less healthy ,on the the other hand plants plants growing among others grow faster and more healthy Do you agree?
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20 Oct 09
I don't know about loneliness...but I do know that they look out for each other. Some plants will send out pheromones when they're attacked (by anything...insects, animals, humans, even damage done by wind), that signal to nearby plants to strengthen defenses. I think it was mostly by letting more sap flow, which makes the fibers stronger? I learned about it in school nearly 20 years ago, so I don't remember the details - just the fact in general. Ever seen "The Happening" movie? It's sort of based on this issue.
@tdemex (3547)
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16 Oct 09
I ran a nursery for 5 years and have never heard of this! I do know it takes two to pollinate and insure seeds for propagation or the bees will take care of that! There is a line of thought about the roots being entwined, some like their roots to be more crowded than others? Maybe this where this came from? tdemex