Leash training

@sulsisels (1685)
United States
October 16, 2009 9:22pm CST
Has anyone out there ever tried to leash train your cat? I was wondering what you did to be successful. I travel alot and take my cat when possible. The cat carrier, of course, is fine, but there are sometimes road trips in car that I would like to take her out at a rest stop to use the potty. My husband refuses the litter box in the car so she has to wait till we get where we are going to go..I thought that if I could train her to walk on leash..problem solved. If anyone has any experience with this or wants to share their experience, please do..I don't know where to start..
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@Loverbear (4928)
• United States
17 Oct 09
I start the cat with the leash dragging around the house as the cat prowls around. I also make sure that I have a HARNESS rather than a collar for the cat. If the cat is frightened on the leash they can slip the collar very quickly and easily. With a harness it is much much harder for them to wiggle out of it. Cats aren't like dogs in the fact that they aren't too thrilled about having you walk them. They much prefer to walk you...so when you start walking your cat remember to let her lead...unless she is going to crawl through a fence or do something where you can't follow. You might also consider getting a retractable leash that will give the cat more room to roam without you being right there. Some cats aren't too thrilled about having someone right there when they are doing their "business". Also, with a retractable leash you can put a stopper on how far she wanders away from you or can do a stop when she is going someplace you don't want her to go. I have the retractable leashes for my mini Dachshunds and they are wonderful with it. I also have tried it on my cats and they don't mind it a bit. Another thing is to have a treat that the cat loves when you start her leash training. When she walks on the lead, praise her and give her treats. Then when you take her on a walk for the first few times do the same thing. She'll get the idea quickly. If your furry buddy is a good traveler she will do well on the leash too.
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@sulsisels (1685)
• United States
18 Oct 09
Hi Loverbear Great Information. I am going to do exactly as you illustrate here and see how it goes. I just bought the leash and harness today and the girl at petsmart said the same thing as you about being able to get out of collar. I know what you mean about cats liking their privacy at potty time and Elsa (my cat) gets really mad if I go in the room where her box is while shes using it...Can't blame her though,,I would not enjoy someone walking in on me either!! She does travel very well, but always in a carrier. I will still use the carrier but want to be able to take her out on breaks when we drive down to the keys. I'm hoping and praying that she does as well as your cat and I will take you advice about the treats..She just can't resist a "Whisker Lickin" so they will be my ace in the hole,,I hope!! Thanks again for the help..I really appreciate you taking the time. J