Who deserves to get the nobel for peace 2009...?

October 17, 2009 5:15am CST
Gettin a nobel is not a simple thing thing...! It needs lots of hardwork and luck too. The nobel prize for pease to the US president Barack Obama ia a pure luck based prize. I think that he has not done a great job for pease. He would have done many good things but still I dint get a good reason to give the nobel prize of pease to him... Compared to mother teresa, Mr. B. Obama dint do much work. Did the work gone down after years for the nobel prize or the other people din't do the work for peace. I bit unhappy with this...! Did he reserve the award of nobel prize of peace 2009...?
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@owlwings (39880)
• Cambridge, England
17 Oct 09
I think that many people are surprised and somewhat non-plussed at the award. Barack Obama himself has said that he doesn't believe that he has earned it. Personally, I feel that it was a very inappropriate award. It has, in the past, generally been given only to people who have already made a significant contribution to peace and, though Barack Obama has many plans to end the wars in the Middle East, he hasn't achieved them yet (and nor can one expect him to have done so). Giving the 2009 Peace Prize to someone who, as yet, has achieved very little can only reflect very poorly on the status and respect which has been accorded to the Prize up till now.