Should women work side by side with men or they should look after the home?

United Arab Emirates
October 19, 2009 8:01am CST
Should women work side my side with men or they should look after their homes? This is very controversial topic to discuss, We should give some genuine points to cater this up. I my self a men is in a favor that girls should work side by side with men. Its a need of todays world... whats your opinion about that? lets have a debate.. Men VS Women.. ;)
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@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
19 Oct 09
I think women should work side by side with men aside from looking after the home. it is such a hard job. I am replying this in what of i see in my sister. My sister used to an Asst Vice Presidente when she got married. her husband advised her to just stay at home for the kids. Lately, i am not happy with what i see. Because my sister stays at home, her husband kept on nagging at her for the imperfections of their kids. He would say rash things like, "you're just in the house, you dont do anything all day and look at our children?" that is why i felt it better that the woman does her share in working. Some men belittle their wives just because they have no income to share; and these wives, because they have nothing to share tend to develop poor self esteem. If ever i do get married, i'll still hold on to a job while taking care of the kids. So help me God.
• United Arab Emirates
20 Oct 09
Wow what a woman. She really deserve appreciation. As you have explained she is going through a really tough time. May God help her in all her routines, and give her strength to do everything in a proper way.
@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Oct 09
hi saqibthe hi again I am so pleased to hear you say that as I too feel women can and should work side by side with men. Now days with the cost of living so darned high we all need two paychecks to pay the rent or house payments. A lot of women work and still have children, its not impossible anymore and women are more fulfilled when they use all their potential.