Did you ever stop to think ...

United States
October 19, 2009 2:35pm CST
and forget to start again? I opened the post a message link, planning on writing something to share with everyone here. I also had my email program and 2 other browser pages open. During the time from when I clicked on the share link and until I came back has been over a half hour. Now I forget what it was I was going to post about. The best things about the internet are sometimes the most frustrating.
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@killfox (38)
• China
22 Oct 09
I often meet this situation, Just as you said, this is very frustration, But if you stop to think for a while, You will recall your memory in most of time.
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• Canada
19 Oct 09
Oh god, it happens to me all the time. Just a few hours ago, I was finishing some work when I decided to take a 5 minutes break to search about making money online. After not less than 1h00 of discoveries I returned to my beloved work, who was still waiting for completion, and I couldn't remember what was suppose to be done at the end. Frustration my friend, frustration. How could I decide to do something else for 1h and then comeback and forget my task? So I had to re-read the thing up and down and try to figure out what I was missing. YCan you believe that it took me about 45 more minutes to do what I was doing? It could have taken me a great maximum of 25 minutes before my internet trip. Wow, shame on me.
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