canucks! :)

October 19, 2009 4:30pm CST
canucks fan here we are!!! "Hello out there, we're on the air. It's hockey night, tonight! The tension grows, the whistle blows, and the puck goes down the ice. The goalie jumps, and the players bump, and the fans all go insane. Someone roars: 'Bobby Scores!' At the good old hockey game!" IM A BANDWAGON, i admit, i didn't love canucks at first, i actually disliked them... because my friend watched hockey, I decided to watch it aw well, because I wanted to see what the big deal was. IT WAS FANTASTIC watching the game, seeing OUR HOME team score. (HOT GUYS score) it was super cool! ~ CALL ME A PUCKBUNNY, why not a NUCKBUNNY ~ if you must, i like hockey too, because they have really good looking players! RYAN KESLER ALEX BURROWS & my friends FAVORITE - ROBERTO LUONGO! CANUCKS ARE PLAYING TONIGHT! VANCOUVER & OTHERS ; LETS SUPPORT OUR TEAM TO THE CUP! :D canucks vs. oilers tonight :)
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@bounce58 (17524)
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17 Feb 10
Didn't see this discussion when it first came out. Just wanted to see if there are other die-hard canucks fan here in myLot. Glad to see that it's just not me. Hopefully, you're still active here Tecsonnn. Are you ready for the final stretch after the Olympics? Hopefully we could win the NW crown again!
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5 Mar 10
HAHAHA :)) YAY! :) my canuck buddy online :)! It's hard to watch games because I dont have cable ~__~" and my internet lags when i stream it online ~~ SO, i go out alot :P YAY for the olympics though, CANADA WON :)) WOOT WOOT! well at least the most gold medals :) WHICH COUNTS THE MOST! HOPEFULLY~ we win the stanley cuppp!!!!! Let's cheer em on !! WOOOO !