Chemo is poison

October 21, 2009 4:37am CST
First, this is a personal opinion and a personal experience for me. My mother has liver cancer diagnosed in 2007. We did the usual protocols prescribed by her oncologist and she did a year of chemo. But instead of the cancer going into remission, it metastasized. Doctors even told me that we would be lucky if she lived in the succeeding three months at the time she was diagnosed. Chemotherapy is also very expensive. I don't know how much treatments are in other countries, but here in the Philippines we spent P200,000 just for one chemo session. That's around $4500 and she had a year or 12 sessions. My mother decided to stop having chemo August of last year because not only did her tumors metastasize, she was also concerned with the costs of the treatment. I was watching TV and saw Suzanne Sommers and her decision to use alternative treatments instead of chemo. I can certainly agree with her because my mother is very much alive and well up to now. It's been a year since she stopped getting chemo and she says that she feels more energetic than when she was doing chemo. She said that she felt that her strength and health was artificial with all the chemicals being given to her intravenously. One of the things that we did was to boost up my mothers' immune system by incorporating raw vegetable juices and foods rich in vitamin C. What about you, would you continue with chemo even if you knew it was not doing anything or would you go alternative?