What's the best overall beauty secret?

October 21, 2009 8:34pm CST
For you what's the best beauty secret of a woman? :) If you're going to ask me I would answer confidence. How about you?
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@daqiuqu (16)
• China
23 Oct 09
when i saw the topic a sentence irrelevant come out my mind~a secret makes a woman woman~ha-ha i'm a boy & i think the most important thing is character, a girl with kind character is easy to get alone with, some of my friends are not so beautiful, but it's happy to play with them, & they also have many many good friends. so i think the character is very important
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
Yes you're right. Character is another important thing. By the way thanks for the response.. :)
@maezee (32583)
• United States
22 Oct 09
Confidence is a GREAT answer! I think my answer's probably going to be lame in comparison. lol. My idea would be "minimalism" because not everyone needs to pile on five inches-thick worth of face makeup and all that to be "pretty". I believe in natural beauty! The less makeup you can get away with the BETTER! And it's also a good thing to try to play up your natural features with the use of makeup - NOT cover them up!
• Philippines
22 Oct 09
I agree with you. That's right. That's my own opinion too. :)