What do you think of modern music?

United States
October 22, 2009 5:45pm CST
Do you think modern music is better than classic music, if then, Why? How and why do you think that music has changed so much throughout the years.
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• China
28 Oct 09
I prefer classic music.Modern music can't fully describe what people think and feel.Using to express what music want to express is not the best way.
• United States
24 Oct 09
I think music is getting worse for the most part. I mean there are few bands that catch my attention, but It feels like it is the same music and I find it hard to even disstinguish between bands anymore. Hip-hop is no longer about the lyrics anymore, which is supposed to be street poetry, but no longer. It is a beat looped over and over and some "entertainer" saying the same lines over and over and more often than not the lines aren't even good. Maybe I am just cynical, but I believe most everything is going this way.
@maezee (32955)
• United States
22 Oct 09
I think there are pros and cons to both modern AND classic music. I think modern is sometimes less original, but also more technologically-advanced and.. expanding. Sometimes it bugs me how profane more modern songs are, but it's just an example of how society has evolved and become more accepting of this kind of stuff. personally I can go for either, depending on my mood!