how would feel if one of your kids or others stand hang around with a looser

United States
October 26, 2009 7:33am CST
from all of the discussion ive started of late is from things going on with my family mostly my son,his wife and our daughter. but my daughter was sexaully assultued a few month back from a friend she and our son grew up with. but my son, his wife and others nephews and neices are still hanging out with the guy who did this to my daughter, and this guy is telling my son lies about him and her fooling around through the years. which isnt true but my dumb son belive him still not seeing that this looser isnt going to tell the truth. ive tried to point out to him dogs like this isnt going to tell the truth in what they did wrong they are out to make them look like a vitcim and the females to look bad. but how would you feel if your son and others in the family would be hanging out with a looser that does crap like this? to me it makes me so angry i want to smack my son and others. to me by them hanging out with him is a slap in my dauhgter's face. she didnt file charges because she didnt want to go through the whole court thing because she dont think she could handle it and seeing him again. our one nephew who lives with us didnt say crap to him when the guy was here the last time, not even telling he needed to leave, this is the same day me and my wife found out.
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@rdadey (484)
• Canada
26 Oct 09
I've seen the same kinda thing on my wife's side of the family. A couple of her relatives have molested and sexually assaulted others including members of their own family. I stay away from them and those that associate with them. I also made it clear for them to stay away from my family and let them know that I will never be intimidated by them. They tried to get support from others and did get some but they all know to keep clear because I will hurt them physically if they want to go that route. It just makes me angry when people abuse others and no one even seems to care. It's sick.