Men : Attention Which one will you choose?Beautiful or wisedom?

@vincyk (198)
October 26, 2009 7:36am CST
The most men i knew are showing a tendency to find a good-looking girl as their girlfriends of wives.Is the apperance of a woman is so important ?Why every man is so focused on it.Yes i agree that a beautiful girl is more popular but i don't think men just use this requirment to choose thier lover.I alway wondering that contract with the inside of a person and the outside which one is more important.So guys ,do you really think a beautiful wife is better than a wisedom wife?In other word,if you have to choose one then which one will you choose.
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• South Africa
27 Oct 09
beauty comes with a price. What you see is what you get. To be honest, not all beautiful woman are clever, nor urgly ones. But it comes with respect. How do you treat your partner.
27 Oct 09
If I am to choose someone, I'll choose a girl who's beautiful from both inside and out. If that is not possible, then i should go for wisedom. The outside beauty fades away with time, but the beauty of the inside, never wears away. I would rather fall for a girl who is clean from inside, than someone who is beautiful from outside and ugly inside.
• China
27 Oct 09
i am a girl,but if you want me to make a choice between charming boy and wisdom boy,i would choose wisedom boy,we all know beauty can't last long,wisdom is different,i would be attractive by a man with wisdom!
@janebeth (2034)
• Philippines
27 Oct 09
you are right there vincyk, i also noticed that to all boys out there.. beauty is the most important thing for them, and they never consider the inside beauty of a girl.. but for me i will rather choose the inside beauty rather than the physical appearance, we all know that it rally fades by time, but the inside beauty is always there and will always remain in their hearts and soul.. so guys, better change your vocabulary and think so well specially when you are looking for a wife..
@Gesusdid (1681)
• United States
27 Oct 09
Beauty is only going oh so far , beauty only goes beyond the eyes and doesnt cement in the mind , like wisedom, with wisedom , espically if within a woman , who can teach her man a few things thats god given , thats like finding priceless treasure lol a guy who only looks at a woman for beauty thats natural , but if he wants a long serious relationship , he'll have to change that , I cant just talk about how great a woman looks every single minute , how is that a relationship ? yeah she can be cute and all but , she might not know how to cook or not know how to read a map or cant maintain bills correctly lol like theres so much to say other than oh ur cute etc etc , Dont get me wrong i like a beautiful woman but she gotta have other things that attract me also
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
26 Oct 09
If you talk about me. i would like to have the moderate combination of both. i think as a normal guy i would also wish to have a beautiful girlfriend or wife. but there must be a wisedom too. as there is no parameter that a wise girl cant be beautiful or vice versa. but i will also not go for only a beautiful girl who dont care of other. i think the balance is needed.
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
26 Oct 09
if i had to pick one i would go for a woman who's wise and know how to treat me right as well others, beauty inside is more imporant then the outside. i got lucky my wife is both. but i know some guys they go a great looking wife or g/f but on the inside they are so ulgy. and know some dudes who wife is both beauty on inside and out, well other are ugly inside and out too.