Parents who don't have time for their kids.

@hvedra (1623)
October 27, 2009 8:45am CST
So our conservation group is organising a trip to a conference/market as we do several times a year. Each time one of our teenaged members asks his dad (who used to be in the group but dropped out because of "work commitments") to come along. The kid also asks him to come along to band practices and other stuff for support. His dad always has an excuse, sometimes this is work but recently he has been spending his days off taking out someone else's kid. Now this other kid has special needs and it is good of him to give the parents a break but for over a year now he has repeatedly done this and disappointed his own son. The poor kid is getting fed up with a lot of this because he feels ignored by his dad. He asks weeks and months in advance for his dad to do stuff with him and his dad keeps going off to do something else. He's not a bad kid - especially compared to most teenagers out there! - but you can understand why some kids go off the rails when their parents show no interest in them and won't give them some time. I know an even worse example where someone who works as a teacher spends all her time at home shut in her room on internet chat ignoring her own kids - but constantly telling everyone how she wins over difficult kids with poor home lives. Why? Why do people have kids and then ignore them and, worse, rub in their faces the good time and wonderful experiences they have with other people's kids. Is it just me or do you find this kind of thing scarey because it is so nuts?
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@niara25 (148)
• United States
19 Dec 09
It's sad, but it goes back to the selfishness of the human being. They want to be seen as someone who helps others, but neglect their own families. It's more common that you think and work isn't the reason why they don't spend time with their own children. These people don't know how blessed they are to even have children. It burns me up to hear about these situations.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
27 Oct 09
This is a really sad topic and I do not know why parents would want to ignore their children since they are part of them,and it seems to many children get neglected or ignored because the parents want to have fun,and the way I see it if the parents did not want to take care of children they should not have had them,and my mother babysits for a couple who do not pay much attention to their three children,and one of them has downs and it seems like the mother does anything to keep from having to deal with the child and my mother so wants to say something but if she did it could get her fired which would put her out of a job,and she does not want that,even though I do not see how she puts up with that couple.
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