Bank of America Forced to take TARP funds

@bobmnu (8160)
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October 27, 2009 11:21am CST
Bank of America was financially sound going into the economic meltdown until the government step in to help. Former Treasury Sectary Paulson said that forcing them to complete the takeover of Lehman- Marcus lead to the financial problems the bank is now facing. It has also been disclosed that many of the Bank takeovers were not of financially weak banks but many were healthy ones and now they are facing even more government interference. Did the government help or make the problem worse?
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3 Feb 10
bobmnu, the liberal government wants to run all banks, Obama and his groonies will do anything and everything they can think of to make this happen. AIG is giving bonus's the the very people that almost bankrupted them. What are Democrats doing about it, nothing. Welcome to the United States of Screwed Up.