No one will save you (real story that happened today)

@Bionicman (3967)
Czech Republic
October 27, 2009 9:09pm CST
Today I stopped on a highway when I saw burning car crashed on the side of the road. Many people already stopped to help and I saw 2 people carrying out an old woman from a burning car. The flames were wild and they tried to extinguish them with two fire extinguishers but it was no use. We were stopping random cars on the road to get more extinguishers but it was too late. I asked the guys that were there first if anybody else was in car and they say they don't know because the car was totaled and heavily burning and it was impossible to see anything. The woman that they carried out was unconscious but still breathing. But this is what made me rage: the first thing I did was called the ambulance. Then we called firefighters and the police. We waited there for 30 minutes watching the burning car unable to do a those 30 minutes nobody showed up! No police, firefighters or ambulance! And it happened on the main highway in a capital city! There was nothing I could do at this point and there was already a big line of people around so I decided to carry on. Then around 1km from the accident I've seen parked police car with 2 cops just sitting in there DOING NOTHING. Can you believe it? You can't rely on 911 at all. But the title of this topic isn't justified because there were real heroes, random people who risked their lives to get the women out of the burning car. Later at home I checked news on the internet and found out that one person was still in the car and burned to death.
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@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
28 Oct 09
Oh my! That was so awful... Poor lady, I wonder who was in the car; whether it was her daughter or husband or whoever.. 30 minutes is indeed a bit long to arrive at a scene. And the police just sat there doing nothing? Oh my....
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@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Nov 09
hi bionicman I see you are from Prague.I am an American here in the US and I am proud to say we really do have some superb paramedics and ambulances and police who respond really quickly to an emergency. How horrifying that must have been for you to witness and how awful that the emergency people did not respond like they should have. maybe the other occupant could have been saved had they come sooner.I am glad that other heroic people were there to rescue the old woman. glad our emergency people are much faster here. I had a bad fall and broke my shoulder while I was walking towards my favorite restaurant.within five minutes the para medics were there with their ambulance and within fifteen I was taken to the emergency room and then admitted. I am proud of them for sure.[e[/em]
@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
28 Nov 09
Glad to hear that.