pc ram?

United States
October 28, 2009 9:28pm CST
How much RAM do you have in your computer? How fast is it? Do you think the cost is worth the speed? I have 4GB...liking every cent.
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• Philippines
29 Oct 09
I have Windows 7 Core2Duo(OC)with 2x 2Gb Kingston memory and it's good no problems so far ^^V good thanks
• Canada
29 Oct 09
My laptop originally had 512 MB of RAM on it. I upgraded it about a year or so ago to have 1 GB. It made a slight difference from what I can tell, but it still does slow down on occasion. I shouldn't have cheaped out on it and should've just gotten the max amount of RAM my laptop can hold, which is 2 GB. My laptop's an old model, so it can only hold that much. But it would be sweet if I could have like 4 GB on it (^_^)
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
29 Oct 09
Ternary, when I bought my laptop last year I even didn’t aware totally that how much the speed of my pc was I found I had to spend quite some time to start and to shut the pc. I even had to spend more time to wait for every loading. It was really annoying. I nearly lost my interest in surfing net. I then decided to send my laptop to the computer shop and asked for help. The technician told me that this was due to the one GB of ram. If I wished to have much faster speed I had to upgrade the capability of the ram. Yeah, I agreed to spend extra money to boost the speed of it by adding another 2 GB to the ram. It was worthy to spend the money to get more rapid speed. At the moment I’m really glad that I don’t have any said problems anymore. It works well and smoothly in every aspect Have a nice day and happy posting!
@free_man (7337)
• United States
29 Oct 09
I have an old computer it only has 512RAM wish I had a better computer with more memory. But that will never happen. As long as I keep my computer clean it does run pretty good. I just can't afford more memory and I don't know if this computer will handle any more RAM. Oh well I got what I got and I am thankful I have what I got.