@msmuir (30)
October 29, 2009 4:08am CST
do girls like nice guys or do they prefer a badass! ? Personally i do not like a too much of a nice guy because usaully he will reemble that of a mama's boy which is really annoying.If i were to be in a relationship like that it wouldnt last because the too nice guy would be afraid to even "pull a bra" i was told of a case where this happened the guy apologzies and the girl had to say its fine.Most girls do not like starting things but prefer to be lead on. What do u think ? are nice guys good enough when i say nice guy im not talking about a thugz polished with nice guy but nice guy throughout.
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@mlaeritz (22)
• Germany
29 Oct 09
i think there's no ultimate answer to this question as it depends on the girl itself. there are loads of girls out there who prefer a**holes to be their boyfriends, because they feel attracted to this a**hole character in some sort, who are a**holes themselves or who just like to have fun and want their lives to be more exciting or who are simply not interested in a long-lasting and serious relationship then there are the other types of girls who are very sensitive and would most likely get hurt by anything a "badass" says and who're out for a serious long-lasting relationship with some nice guy who treats them well 24/7, appreciates them, and cares for them a lot
@msmuir (30)
• Jamaica
30 Oct 09
thanks for responding mlaeritz ... what u sed is tru as persons taste in men varies some are attracted to the a**holes as you sed while others are attracted to the mr nice guy type