Are you a good listener?

October 29, 2009 6:52am CST
When we are a bad mood, meet difficulties, we need friends, colleagues as our listener, we need to talk then release our emotion. Do you have friends talk with you? Are you a good listener? What we need to do to be a good listener?
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• Philippines
29 Oct 09
Most of the times, no one listen to me. People hear what I say, but they don't listen. I know how it feels so I don't do it to other people. I like the feeling of being needed, even just for five minutes, I appreciate that a friend wants to share something to me. As such, I get interested, I get concerned enough to listen well.
29 Oct 09
well we need to keep our opinions and our prejudice away and be open towards seeing at the other's situation by standing in his shoes. sometimes we do try to listen to other's problems , we sincerely do want to listen, but we are so much filled with our own views and opinions about the matter that we totally miss to see how the situation is affecting on the other and what actually he is trying to say and express. So to be a better listener, you got to be open, not just open eared but openhearted and open minded too. That is when real communication happens. Thats when the other feels heard and consoled and healed.
@mlaeritz (22)
• Germany
29 Oct 09
it depends. what is required for being a good listener is interest in the topic you're confronted with in that particular situation