Have you ever ran a stop sign?

United States
October 31, 2009 1:03am CST
I always look for stop signs. I do not run stops signs due to the dangers involved and what could happen. If you run a stop sign you can get into an accident from an oncomming car if you are not careful. It is not smart to run a stop sign. I value my life and try to obey traffic most of the time. I do speed time to time. I am cautious and look both ways before I go past a stop sign.
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• United States
3 Nov 09
I have done it a few times in my life not on purpose though I usually dont see the sign I almost did it yesturday I wasnt paying attention and forgot there was a stop sign and the intersection I got partially into the intersection when I saw the oncoming vehicle and hit my brakes it would have been really bad because the oncoming vehicle was a firetruck!
• Philippines
3 Dec 09
sorry to say this but its dangerous driving when you are not aware of your surroundings..
@MyPrime (39)
• Philippines
31 Oct 09
I always wait for the green light, but there are instances that i run on stop signs. I also speed up on yellow lights... they say, yellow light means "HURRY UP". :)
@rucrazy4 (785)
• India
31 Oct 09
Some time I am cross the stop signals but every time i care for traffic which can be reason of danger , It is dangerous so i have ratio of 5:95 for cross the signal, mostly i wait for green signal.