can you still say you belong to a religion/cult if you don't practice?

October 31, 2009 3:35pm CST
It does not matter what religion it is, this is a general question. Things happen in life, some things take you far from your beliefs and practices, in time, I've started practicing less, now actually celebrating just once per year when the're should be much much more. I think how disappointed my Gods are with me, I'm ashamed of that, but maybe not enough because I still don't celebrate enough and ignore religious celebrations. I think if I wanted, I'd find time for that. Don't know if I still can call myself of my religion.
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@bird123 (10526)
• United States
1 Nov 09
Can you be so sure that God is disappointed in you???? Believing isn't important to God. Life is about learning and growing as people. If you are doing lots of learning,growing, and teaching others, God is very happy with you!!!! Be who you must! It's a part of the plan!!
• Italy
1 Nov 09
Wow, I really like how you see it! That's the first time I hear an opinion like yours. Really thanks for sharing.
@rodsdman (145)
• United States
1 Nov 09
If asked, I would say that I am a christian. Though I do not go to church, never did baptism or comunion. I went to sunday school once. But I believe there is a god. It is not just a matter of how you practice your faith, just that you have it. I dont think you should worry, organized religious celebrations are just to help those who are unsure get reasured, if you can maintain your belief on your own, good for you.
@hora_fugit (5430)
• India
1 Nov 09
My religion gives me much flexibility :) So while I don't practise much, I still belong to this religion. Maybe I love it