Which team will be the NBA champion 2009/2010??

November 1, 2009 12:05am CST
..This is an excited game that i never miss.. I personally like Magic & Lakers team.. I love to watch Fisher, Kobe, Gasol & Odom from Lakers. They are great & have team work. The coach of Lakers team, Philip Jackson also a great coach.. He already has had win ten times champion. I believe he sure can break record.. He is steady, patient & know well all the players strength. I am sad Gasol can not participate this time due to injured during practice. There is a tacit agreement between him & Kobe.. What a Imperfection!! Although Fisher already considered aged in the game but he is experience & professional. Kobe & Odom are genius. Kobe's movement & skill always surprising spectator. I hope Lakers can maintain & be the 2009/2010 champion. May god bless them..
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• Indonesia
1 Nov 09
i think Lakers will be favorite to be champs from the West and Cavaliers from the East.
• Malaysia
1 Nov 09
Hi johangenuine18, I also very agreed to your statement. I also like to watch Kobe & James. Hope they can challenge in the NBA final. It must be excited. Let's we go for every game. Yeah... Have a nice day..
@raizzen (13)
• Philippines
12 Nov 09
No question about it! The Lakers will win again this year. Of course they should strengthen their bench. It's one of the weakness of the Lakers right now. The bench players are not that consistent. They should rethink who they will trade right now as early as possible or it may hurt them when playoff comes. Remember the 2006-2007 Championship between the Boston Celtics and the Lakers? Vujacic defense on Ray Allen was the worse thing I saw in a championship. But hey, he is earning 4 million dollars right now with anything to show for it. Shannon Brown is earning below 1 million but he has something to give the Lakers. Kobe is Kobe. He is still getting every day. No one can stop the Lakers right now if they are all healthy. So NBA teams prepare yourselves. The Lakers are on the Roll!
@SMkoking (33)
• United States
2 Nov 09
The Boston Celtics look really good in this young NBA season, but I think a surprise team will be the Denver Nuggets. Carmelo Anthony is playing at a serious all-star level right now, and could possibly even be up for the MVP if he keeps it up. I still think the Los Angles Lakers are the favorite to win the NBA Championship this year, though.