Local Authority education decision sucks!

November 1, 2009 9:20am CST
This is something I've been wanting to voice since the end of school term in June but didn't really know how or where but this seems perfect!! I worked in a school as a Pupil Support Assistant, supporting children on a one to one basis that had learning/physical difficulties until our council did the unthinkable...they had closed down a local swimming pool and theatre due to lack of funds and had to find somewhere to place the staff. Offer them a similar job elsewhere would seem the logical thing to do, but wait for it....instead they terminated all temporary contracts for pupil support assistants (inc.me) and placed them in schools!! I should also point out that the only reason we were on temporary contracts was because there were no permanent posts, but we were told to hang in there and apply for them when they came up...which never happened. Don't know if any of you are shocked by this, but I personally think it sucks...I know they had to look out for their permanent employees, but these people had no experience and no previous desire to work with these children and at the end of the day....the children are our future, should they not come first????
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@solared (1210)
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2 Nov 09
What did you say they placed you in school? So you still have a job, so what's the problem? I'm sorry if I read that wrong.
7 Nov 09
I suggest you read it again my friend...I do not still have a job as my temporary contract was terminated due to cutbacks. Instead the council have placed inexperienced people from swimming pools and theatres into schools to work with "special needs" children.
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1 Nov 09
I am shocked! How unfair to you, the other pupil support assistants and especially the children! I think that pupil support assistants is a wonderful and so needed job group. I once worked with developmentally delayed adults and I certainly saw that employing people who did not like to work with that special group of people was disastrous and caused major problems down the road. Is this council elected? I'm assuming it's like a school board. Don't know if you are wanting to protest their actions but if these are elected positions then they are very sensitive to criticism. Whatever..I agree...It Sucks...Big Time!