Are you good at making jokes??

@LisaGuo (242)
November 1, 2009 9:24pm CST
I watch FRIENDS these days.If you watched it,you must know Chandler is so cute and does well in making jokes:( In common life,jokes will make people good mood and laugh more often.However,I can only make jokes with old friends and the people I' really familar with.I'll be quiet with the people I know nothing.Yes,I know I'll not be rememberred well by these guys. How about you?Are you good at making jokes?Even in front of strange persons??
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@bettydeng5 (1709)
• China
3 Nov 09
I like to watch Friends very much, which bring the happiness to us. I think joking will bring the relaxed mood to people. I will make a joke to my frineds,and it against the what situation is. I won't make a joke to the strange person or meet at first time, it's not good polite. Do you think so?
@yan_blue8 (1438)
• Philippines
2 Nov 09
As a witty person, i tend to make jokes to my friends and people i knew only. Normally, i don't make a joke in front of strangers or who are new to me. I don't really believe in the saying "first impression lasts". So that's why I'm not doing it with them. I think its kinda hard to make jokes for those people 'cause you may not know what would they say about you.. Welcome to myLot! :)
@borhan (1345)
• United States
2 Nov 09
With only close people i make jokes. With strangers i think it is very difficult to do that. With my close people, i think i am quite good in making jokes.
@beadguru (40)
• Philippines
2 Nov 09
When I met a person for the first time I tend to overtalk myself, so to do away with the common "hi-hello" during first meetings, I tend to joke. But I am also choosy with my jokes, I don't usually use green jokes because they might get offended. I still believe in the saying that first impressions last, you know. However, when I'm friends, close families, I always joke. Hehehe.. Laughter is still the medicine or so they say.