r u and ur family taking healthy food

November 2, 2009 12:06pm CST
do u think the food u take is healthy.in this fast life we just take junk foods.we face many problems out of it.can u think of healthy food we can take everyday is it p0ssible to take healthy food? what r ur food habit?give the list of healthy food that we can take in our day to day routine
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@mlaeritz (22)
• Germany
2 Nov 09
although being aware of it, i don't eat healthy most of the time since i don't get the chance to do so. however, i'm trying to get at least a fruit a day and some milk in the morning. on the weekends when i have more time for cooking and all that, i eat way healthier though here's your list:milk fruits veggies nuts wholewheat bread eggs cereals meat (lowfat) legumes etc etc
• India
3 Nov 09
we don't get the required amount of energy from milk after a age only milk by product r good
• Germany
4 Nov 09
where did you get that bs from noob?
• Malaysia
3 Nov 09
I love fried food even though I know it is not healthy. I also eat junk food, but not always as I know what harm it can do to my health. I love fast food and I realize about the calories. So, it's obvious I don't take healthy food daily and so do my family. It's not easy to change our eating habit, but the more we become conscious of our health, we will try to control or cut down those intake on unhealthy food and eat more fruits or yogurt or fiber food and drink more juices.
• India
5 Nov 09
its good u try to change .eat healthy be healthy
• Thailand
13 Nov 09
I'm sure my mum cooks only healthy food as she studies medicine and she knows what is good and what is bad for the body. I try to eat as much as i can when I'm at home cause I know it is good and clean food, and guess what ? My mum cooks the best food ever !
@maximax8 (29032)
• United Kingdom
2 Nov 09
I have a vegan diet. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I like to eat nuts and seeds. I drink soy and fruit juices too. My teenage son has a vegetarian diet. He eats a very healthy diet. My toddler son is a very fussy eater. He likes to eat rice cakes, crisps and biscuits. I wish to get him eating a more healthy diet. My baby isn't old enough to start eating yet. She drinks soy formula.