Would you consider this deal if you don't use your cell phone that much?

United States
November 2, 2009 9:03pm CST
T - Mobile provides a great deal for people who doesn't use their cell phones that much. They simply offer customers to pay $100 upfront, for 500 minutes usage of calling limit per year. Customers simply paid like $8 a month, and they still have their cellphone usable, to answer emergency calls or place emergency calls. What do you think?
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@maezee (33282)
• United States
3 Nov 09
I figured out that with that $100 up front thing, it ends up being around $16 a month. (16.3333 to be exact!) In my opinion, you could easily just buy a Virgin Mobile phone for $20 and that would equal about 200 minutes, and doing that 2-3 times would end up costing you $60 and you'd get 400-600 minutes out of it. I think that's the better deal actually. I don't like that you have to pay even $8 a month, because in my opinion.. Why not get more minutes and not have to worry about a monthly bill? I do think it's a good idea to have an emergency-only phone, though.
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• United States
3 Nov 09
I do agree with maezee. I myself go with a prepaid plan so that I can just reload my minutes whenever I get low. That way I don't have to worry about any monthly fees and besides, I don't use my phone that often so I can just have any extra minutes roll over. :]
@surfette (674)
• United States
5 Nov 09
I agree with Maezee because my husband and I both have Virgin Mobile phones which we love and it only costs us $80 per year and we have more than enough minutes. The service has been wonderful and you can either purchase the prepaid cards at most stores or I like the convenience of "topping up" right on the website with my debit card. We've been using this service for over two years and haven't had a bit of trouble. If you don't want a pay as you go service, you can sign up for a monthly fee, but as far as I'm concerned if you don't use a lot of cell phone minutes, our plan is the most economical plan I've seen.
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
4 Nov 09
I used to be with t-mobile and now I have Verizon. I really wouldn't like that deal at all, as it would do me no good. I use my phone all the time, everday, and only 500 minutes a year is nothing. I have 900 minutes a month and I use at least half of them eery month. I just couldn't handle just so few minutes, as it is the only phone I have as I have no land line. I don't know when t-mobile brought that into the picture, as I can't recall them having it when I was with them. I just didn't care for t-mobile anyway. Take care, and happy mylotting.