What do YOU think is on the other side of a black hole???

United States
November 3, 2009 2:06pm CST
We all know the theory behind a black hole and that it pretty much sucks everything into itself...but where does it go? What do you think? I think that a black hole was once described in the book of Enoch, but I can't remember what was written about it... Is it heaven? Is it a space/time traveling portal?
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@raj_ka (431)
• India
13 Jul 10
hi, There is a scientific explanation behind the objects getting sucked and the way to escape it.Hope this article can help you http://www.boddunan.com/component/content/article/73-space/13673-black-hole.html In really some of the facts are suprising to learn.. :)
@owlwings (39757)
• Cambridge, England
3 Nov 09
The usual explanation is that a 'black hole' is just a body with so great a mass and so dense that its gravitational force doesn't allow anything - even light - to escape. Most matter, even something as dense as lead or gold, is actually mostly empty space. You maybe know how those crushers at wreckers yards can compress a car into a cube of metal maybe a meter square. A black hole does this to everything that comes close enough to be drawn into it. A 'black hole' isn't a hole in the sense that you can go through it, so there is no 'other side'. If one had to compare it to anything spiritual, I guess that it would be more like 'Hell' than 'Heaven'!
• Italy
3 Nov 09
How about alice in wonderland? I'm not really joking, just thinking what if there was another world just the same as ours? Or maybe where everything is the opposite? I don't know, it's just ideas and of course there aren't science, more fantasy. But never say never..