What genre do you watch on Television?

November 3, 2009 3:00pm CST
Do you perhaps watch comedy shows, romance, horror, teenage (disney) or maybe even documentary. I watch disney sometimes as I am hooked to it with the whole new Jonas Brothers programme and the new episodes of waverly place. I am also enjoying some of the comedy shows but I dont have a favourite one. I like Teenage and Comedy genre TV shows. What about you? Which one do you like and why?
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@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
3 Nov 09
My husband and I have a very diverse tastes in what we watch on Television. We watch shows like House and Gray's anatomy, we also like Smallville, Ugly Betty, and Super Natural. We don't watch very many normal comedys. But we watch shows with humerous undertones, we also watch spicey shows like Melrose Place and Nip Tuck, but we also watch the reality dancing shows. We will watch any show that is good and entertaining.
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@EdTv00 (298)
• United States
3 Nov 09
I mostly watch comedy, sci-fi and horror. But also like to watch allot of programs on the history channel like ufo hunters.
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
2 Dec 09
Normally i watch comedy as i need good laugh after work yea .
@minx267 (14603)
• Hartford, Connecticut
4 Nov 09
My favorite genre to watch on TV is probably Sci-Fi- then I guess Comedy or action/mystery like the science dramas. Like CSI's NCIS,Criminal Minds and Numbers.. Also some of the shows on TLC like Little People,Big World.. also Discovery and Animal planet.. I guess most are science based.. now that I see them in black and white. lol I love to read Romance/mystery but TV seldom does it justice. So I only watch those types of shows on rare occasion.
@Zenstrive (239)
• Indonesia
3 Nov 09
I mostly watch comedic show, and then sci-fi. I enjoy House and Entourage. I like Battlestar Galactica, Friends, and Seinfeld .
@webeishere (36353)
• United States
3 Nov 09
My tops are sci-fi, horror, and reality TV shows. My faves are Big Brother, Survivor, Stephen King movies, then followed by Dr. Who and The Twilight Zone series. I have always loved horror stuff since childhood. The reality shows are great as it shows people in odd situations and how they deal with it. HAPPY POSTINGS FROM GRANDPA BOB!!~