What are yoiur hungers?

@rjvb26 (2518)
November 5, 2009 8:21pm CST
In general all people know that hunger literally means a feeling in our stomach. But in my opinion, hunger is something that makes people crave for some things and makes people do unimaginable and extra ordinary things just to satisfy their own needs or wants. I hunger for world peace and healing, world peace where there are no conflicts, no racism and no more battles. I hunger for peace no matter what race, nationality nor religion. I hunger for world healing where people can breathe anytime they want without any worry of having sickness because of the pollution made by mankind. I hunger for healthy and simple living. I hunger for all the answers for the questions that keeps confusing my mind. I HUNGER FOR BLOOD!!! ;)) JOKE LOL! How bout you? what are your hungers?
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
6 Nov 09
I would love more peace in my own life and in the world. I crave calmness in an otherwise tumultuous world so my hunger is to find that perfect balance of controlling what we can and the letting go of that which we can’t. If everyone could find that delicate balance we would go a long way towards a perfect word!
@Hatley (164469)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Nov 09
rjvb I hunger for jobs for all the jobless here in orange county in California,and for my own son to get a job. I hunger for my own apartment again a nd for me and my son to again live together with a decent income somewhere, anywhere at all so I can be independent again instead of being treated like a queen in this retirement center,believe me even at 83 I want to do my own cooking,clean my own room, be a capable person again. oh well I am thankful that my son and I are at least no longer homeless even if we do not have a real home. he is in gov.sponsored housing with three other guys so they can live while hunting for work.luckily he is close so he can come to see me often.so my hunger is to go back to where we were but be better off also I wish all the homeless out there to be given jobs and get into houses or apartments.